CERI Phoenix Industrial Furnace CO., LTD. (praised as "Phoenix Furnace") is a domestic well-known professional contractor of industrial furnaces and thermal devices, and is a subsidiary of CERI. Phoenix Furnace has complete technology configuration system, rich engineering experience and high  
  efficient operation, therefore established good reputation in the industry area.
Phoenix Furnace is able to undertake engineering design, turn-key project,integrated equipment of various kinds of industrial furnaces,at the same time,to provide self-researched and developed energy saving and environmental protection equipment.
Phoenix Furnace provide heat treatment furnace for Baosteel, Angang, Wugang, Tisco, Masteel, as well as other foreign iron and steel enterprises . Reheating furnace includes pusher type, walking beam, rotary hearth, car type, chamber type, CSP line tunnel furnace, etc.; Heat treatment furnaces includes roller hearth furnaces for middle & thick slab type, steel pipe, coil, bar & wire, etc., bell type for annealing of coil, car type for Steel plate, profiled materials, rotary hearth type for bar & coil, strip steel coil, as well as horizontal and vertical furnaces for silicon steel, carbon steel, stainless stripe steel.
Through these projects and practice, we develop our technical team, improve technical level, accumulate rich engineering experience and make friends both at home and abroad, and step with solid pace to face the coming challenges in the future.
Phoenix Furnace also provide energy saving maintenance for various kinds of industrial furnaces, to make comprehensive professional analysis and tests on the problems of industrial furnaces, and put forward energy saving measures from the view of design, production and management. We also can provide key equipment and control system to make comprehensive reformation and reconstruction on industrial furnaces, so that to reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of the product.
In 2004, we invest in Yangzhou to establish a large machinery manufacturing base - Mcc-Ceri (YangZhou) Metallurgical Scien Tech Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mcc-Ceri(YangZhou)). The factory is the most professional manufacturer of industrial furnace and thermal equipment in China. In 2012, we established and put into use our own-designed thermo-technical laboratory. Till then, we finished to integrate technology research & development, product design, turn-key contract, independent manufacturing of core equipment in whole, and develops into one of the professional industrial furnace companies with most complete industrial and strong technical strength in China.
We keep in develop international market at the same time of perfecting the domestic market. We strengthen close cooperation with world class companies. We further cooperated with international well-known companies such as Belgian CMI, Siemens - VAI, Nippon steel and SMS Group etc.. Especially, through cooperation with CMI and introduction of its shares, we combined the advanced technology of CMI and Phoenix own advantages, so that to provide to our customers with more advanced thermal technology equipment and technology.
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